Flexible solutions for pharmaceutical processing

Atec Bag Filling Equipment (BFE), integrated into a PSI-L flanged isolator

Components are transferred into the isolator through an RTP-Port and fall into a vibrating chute. The operator is required only to attach a bag to the equipment. Bag opening, component dosing, bag closing, and bag welding is completed automatically. The bag then falls into a container that transfers the bag out of the isolator. The filling process is weight-controlled and achieved using vibrational frequencies to dose a range of commodities:

  • Aluminum Seals
  • Plungers
  • Stoppers


  • High-accuracy - filling accuracy can be achieved down to ± 5g
  • The equipment can be designed to accommodate a range of different bag sizes. Larger bags feature a tipping function for discharging the bag out of the isolator.
  • The system can be controlled independently or in conjunction with an Atec lifting device
  • The bagging L-flange is easy to changeover for another purpose, such as a formulation
  • Plug-and-play functionality
  • Helps companies to ensure they are utilizing downtime and making the most of their manufacturing space.

Download Flyer – Integration of Atec bagging Machine within an interchangeable PSI-L Isolator flange




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