Flexible solutions for pharmaceutical processing

VarioSys in motion

VarioSys Move brings machine modules fully automatically from the parking position to the isolator and back again. The modules are precisely transported into the PSI-L isolator or into the parking position along an optical track. In the parking position, the transport system is recharged automatically.

Here, VarioSys Move transports the modules into the isolator fully automatically, following a programmed sequence. Alternatively, the modules can be controlled semi-automatically: an operator uses a remote control panel to bring the modules to the isolator – from there, they are transported into the isolator in a precise and fully automatic manner.

One transport system can be used for several machine modules.


  • Easy handling; no physical effort is required
  • Precise positioning; no operator intervention is required
  • The correct module is in the right place - guaranteed
  • Machine modules can be navigated more easily (for safety reasons, the castors on the modules must not be designed to swivel).


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