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Wireless GT

Wireless GT is the most advanced and fully automated GAMP-compliant glove leak testing system with pressure decay measurement for isolators and RABS in the pharmaceutical industry. Operation is simple and fast, without tubes and wires. All the necessary functions for performing a reliable glove test are integrated in the battery-powered test cover. The test monitors the pressure loss of the glove/sleeve assembly over a defined period of time.


  • Wireless transmission to PC
  • Specific test recipes for different types of gloves
  • Safe recognition of the tested glove port by RFID
  • Detects holes larger than 100 μm
  • Clean room compliant
  • Test pressure up to 3000 Pa
  • In situ testing without removal of the gloves
  • Reduced turnaround time
  • Reliable test results on a scientific basis

Wireless GT

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