Flexible solutions for pharmaceutical processing

FAQs – Closing or Product and Components Supply

Product supply – disposable

Per customer requirements. Silicone hoses from Saint Gobain 60 shore are recommended.

Can product be recirculated in the product path?
Yes, the rear side of the L-flange can, for example, be equipped with two Sartorius SART to recirculate product.

What is a BZV8110 / Is automatic feeding of caps and stoppers possible?
BZV8110 is a portable vibrating system that holds RTU or Ready-to-Sterilize (RTS) bags and dispenses components into the bowls for processing. It is a small unit that improves ease of work and ergonomics while reducing manpower. Add Ons

How to feed sealing components?
BZV8110 supports the feeding process through RTP ports via pre-sterilized bags. Sartorius Biosafe
ports are preferred because handling from outside the isolator is possible.

Is it possible to have capping on the same module as filling and stoppering?
No issue, with a CFD study we verified that no air from capping reaches the open vials. Data about the CFD study are available on request.

Is capping inside an isolator possible?
Yes, capping is possible on the same module with filling and stoppering (KSF5105), or on a separate module (KS4105). Capping on the same module with filling is available. Caps must be delivered in sterilized Beta bags.

Is re-stoppering of vials possible with VarioSys®?
Yes, our Zero Reject Principle™ makes re-stoppering possible and is standard on the vial filling and stoppering module. Machine speed will be reduced with re-stoppering.

Is cap inspection possible?
Yes, crimp caps are inspected for presence on the filling and closing machine KSF5105.

What type of RTP ports are used on the VarioSys®?
Sartorius Biosafe outside opening Ø 110mm (preferred)
Getinge DPTE® Alpha Ø 105mm and Ø 190mm
Other suppliers are possible, too.