Flexible solutions for pharmaceutical processing




12/2012    Start of product development for a modular interchangeable system

03/2013    Presentation of the conceptual design

06/2013    Signing of the first sales agreement for a VarioSys

12/2013    Development of concept for freeze-drying in co-operation with 3rd systems partner GEA

06/2014    Delivery of a VarioSys for the production of syringes (ready-to-use)

10/2014    Delivery of a VarioSys for the production of vials (bulkware) 

04/2015    Development of concept for IV and product bags in co-operation with 4th systems partner Harro Höfliger

04/2016    Interphex - Biotech Innovation Award

10/2016    Delivery of a VarioSys with semi-automatic machines

05/2017    Delivery of first toxic powder and lyo line

05/2017    Delivery of first disposable hopper system type BZV 8110

09/2017    Delivery of a VarioSys for the production of ampoules

11/2017    Delivery of automatic lid and liner removal

06/2018  Launch of new fully automatic tub opening and denesting module type DDM 9105