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SKAN isolator PSI-L

The Pharmaceutical Safety Isolator L-flange, PSI-L, is a modular isolator system with a unique L-shaped flange, which allows working equipment to be exchanged very quickly. The short decontamination cycle and the optional return air filter (FIPA) make it a universal, sterile workspace for aseptic and/or highly active pharmaceutical products.


  • PSI-L isolator with fast and easily exchangeable modules
  • The possibility of using an empty flange plate guarantees maximum flexibility for adaptation to future processes
  • Aseptic production through H2O2 decontamination of the isolator
  • Fast H2O2 airlock decontamination
  • Excellent operator safety thanks to safely exchangeable FIPA return air filters
  • Suitable for many different sizes and types of pre-sterilised packaging material

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